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Life Coaching Services in NH

Have you tried to grow in an area of your life or strived to reach a goal and found yourself coming up short, time and time again? We have good news! Bernie Sparks knows how to help.

Life coaching includes any area of personal development that you need help addressing. With a kind, friendly, and proactive coach like Bernie on your side, you’re certain to accomplish your goals. With years of experience and extensive coaching certification, Bernie offers practical guidance for anyone in need.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence ( EI ) is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and those of the people around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they are feeling, what their emotions mean and how these emotions can affect other people. EI Coaching begins with an electronic questionnaire about yourself. The results are generated in a lengthy written report, showing your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel you need more coaching, in order to strengthen your EI , a plan will be developed, tailored to your needs.

Emotional intelligence wheel
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Career Coaching

Most of us have been in a place where we feel unsatisfied with our current job. Sometimes this sense of unfulfillment can be cleared up by introducing new habits into our lives or developing a healthy focus on upward mobility in the workplace. Other times, changing jobs or seeking employment in a different industry can be the answer. Bernie helps to guide you through these decisions with clear and practical career coaching. His 12 years in the employment industry serves as a basis for his expertise.

Coaching for Continuous Improvement

Many people are motivated to engage in continuous improvements throughout their professional and personal lives, but need coaching in finding their direction, making their choices of higher education, certificate programs and/or volunteerism, while achieving their goals. Bernie is a person who has traveled through college as a “non-traditional student” to his Doctorate Degree, competed multiple certifications programs and volunteered for the “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk for a Cure” for 15 years, can help clients sort through the options.

Coaching the Entrepreneur

Bernie came from a family of entrepreneurs, and has founded two successful businesses including Sparks Employment Group, a full-service employment agency, and 21st Century Leadership. Bernie has taught Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Legal Issues and Leadership at the Undergraduate and Masters level. He also teaches Operations Management, International Marketing and Government and Business. With his unique background and experience, Bernie understands all the struggles entrepreneurs face, and helps to guide and motivate them towards success.

Coaching the Retiree

Bernie achieved retirement from law enforcement at an early age and went on to pursue two graduate degrees and numerous certifications, as well as founding two companies. As living proof that retirement can be productive and incredibly rewarding, Bernie helps retirees to set new goals for themselves. He coaches them through the issues of finances, relocation, leisure, volunteerism, and other key decisions. Bernie’s passion is coaching retirees through the difficult times and helping them find the path that’s best for them.

Coaching the Executive

Dr. Bernie Sparks is very interested in the decision-making process of high level executives and the situations they deal with on a regular basis. As a coach, Bernie helps executives work through the issues that arise in the business culture and achieve success in their goals.

Coaching the Vet

Bernie is a US Army veteran, serving as a member of the 10th Special Forces Group (ABN). As a veteran, he is very interested in helping fellow veterans transition from the military to the civilian job market. Being in the employment business, he is aware of all the difficulties of filing applications, going to interviews, and the hiring process in general. Bernie enjoys helping veterans find meaningful employment, as well as reach their own personal goals in life.

Certified Coaching Services

Bernie Sparks holds a Doctorate of Arts in Transformational Leadership, and is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. Bernie primarily serves New England, where he offers leadership personal coaching services. Are you ready to finally accomplish your the goals you set for yourself? Start a conversation with Bernie today!

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