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Leadership Training & Consulting in NH

Have you ever found yourself feeling inadequate or unprepared in a leadership position? Maybe your company or organization never offered the proper training, and you’re struggling to learn how to lead without much support or guidance.

In these situations, Dr. Bernie Sparks offers the tools you need to succeed. Offering practical leadership training at all levels, Bernie helps new and seasoned leaders alike to develop simple and effective leadership skills in the workplace.

Leadership Coaching Services

Bernie’s approach to leadership development involves the 3 C’s of coaching, consulting, and cutting-edge training.

  • Coaching

    Bernie serves as an accountability partner who guides you towards your leadership goals. Having held diverse leadership positions, Bernie understands the best methods to coach you towards achieving your goals.

  • Consulting

    Sometimes you need practical help in identifying the specific obstacles you’re facing as a leader. Bernie provides big-picture guidance and everyday strategies to help you grow as a leader.

  • Cutting-edge Training

    With access to diverse training curriculum and extensive personal experience in leadership training, Bernie helps you by applying the most effective training methods that are specific to your needs.

Leadership Consulting for Professionals

Bernie has worked with clients such as the US State Department, the State of New Hampshire, and a number of large corporations. He has worked with company presidents, plant managers, human resources, VPs and other corporate executives in developing programs to meet their company’s visions for their future needs. We were proud to receive recognition by the US State Department for training over eight-hundred people in Bullying in the Workplace. We also presented various trainings in Leadership, Supervision, Coaching, Communications, and Conflict Management.

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Retirees
  • Volunteers
  • Veterans

Certified Leadership Coaching in New England

Bernie has a passion for identifying leaders at all levels and providing common-sense coaching to help people reach their full potential in the workplace and in their daily lives.

Dr. Bernie Sparks holds a Doctorate of Arts in Transformational Leadership, Masters in Public Administration, Bachelor’s in Accounting. He is a Certified Professional Coach, as well as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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